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Dynamic Load Test (PDA) for Slope Protection Works in Lorong Rashidah Utama 1/3, Seremban

The second pile test conducted on the slope protection project in Lorong Rashidah Utama 1/3, Taman Rashidah Utama, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan Darul Khusus was the Dynamic Load Test (PDA). In this project, the PDA test was conducted on two piles. PDA tests are conducted to determine pile driving resistance and static capacity, assess pile structural integrity, and evaluate hammer and driving system performance. The dynamic testing is performed by dropping a hammer from a calculated height that provides an impact on the top of the pile. The results are generated by the force and velocity signals. CAPWAP software is used to analyse the data from PDA field tests. The three main readings from the CAPWAP analysis are RMX, BTA, and DFN.

RMX shows the maximum resistance of a pile which should be greater than two times the working load. For this project, the working load is 30 tonnes and the RMX results for both exceeded 60 tonnes. The BTA or pile integrity for both piles was 100% which indicates no damage on the piles. DFN readings show the pile settlement which did not exceed 5.0mm for both piles. Therefore, the Dynamic Load Test performed on this project was satisfactory.


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