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Slope Protection

All natural slopes are constantly subjected to erosion forces. Regardless of whether the slope was recently developed as part of new development or is in its natural state, erosion protection may be necessary. Additional retention systems or soil nailing will be required in conjunction with our erosion protection solutions on geotechnically unstable slopes.

Soil Nailing

Soil nailing is a technique for ground stabilisation that can be applied on natural or excavated slopes. It entails drilling holes in a slope face to insert steel bar, which are subsequently grouted in place. To keep the slope face in place, mesh is fastened to the bar ends.


Guniting is a construction procedure that is used for slope stabilization. It is a process of a mortar or small-aggregate concrete that is sprayed onto surfaces at a high velocity.


Horizontal Drain

Horizontal drains are widely used to help stabilize slopes by lowering water levels. This is accomplished by unweighting the slope material and lowering undesirable pore pressures.

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