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Jack-In Piling for Slope Protection Works in Lorong Rashidah Utama 1/3, Seremban

Jack-in pile or sometimes is called injection pile has been adopted in Malaysia since early 1990s. This type of piling approach is therefore an environmentally friendly one because there are various benefits: no noise, no pollution, and no vibration during pile installation. Since the site is in densely populated neighbourhoods with residents who are sensitive to noise and vibration, it is ideal for projects in the area. A school is also adjacent to the project area.

The work was begun with unloading the piles from a lorry. Then, the pile was inserted into the Jack-in system. The pile was inserted into steel sleeve and the crane cable detached. Next, the vertical check was finalized and positioned by moving in the X and Y directions. Jacking of the pile was commenced by applying jacking force by pressing down the pile. If pile jointing is necessary, then the pile will be joined by welding. When the jacking pile reaches a certain depth and refuses penetration at the desired corresponding pressure, the pile may have set. The set of the pile is achieved when the jacking force is taken as 2.5 times the pile working load and is maintained for 30 seconds with a residual settlement of not more than 5mm. Once the pile is 'set', the extruding length of the pile shall be cut off by using a cutter.


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