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Jack-In Piling in Development Project 1 Block Apartment Rumah Selangorku Type C

  • The development project for block apartment Rumah Selangorku Type C, At No.3 Jalan Bukit Melawati U17/19, Saujana Permai, Section U17, 40150 Shah Alam Selangor Darul Ehsan involves the method of jack-in piling. The jack-in piling technology is often employed for medium-weight structures like residential and commercial buildings.

  • Because the jack-in pilling technique produces less noise and vibration than conventional piling technologies, it's ideal for projects in densely populated regions where residents are sensitive to noise and vibration. Plus, it is also considered to be more environmentally friendly because it does not require excavation, resulting in less trash and cheaper site clean-up costs.

  • Jack-in pile foundation has been successfully adopted in Malaysia since late 1990s and currently, large diameter spun piles up to 600mm in diameter with working load from 8000kN up to 10000kN have been successfully adopted for high-rise buildings up to 45-storeys. #construction #project #engineering #civilengineering #geotechnics #geotechnicalengineering #jackinpile #jackinpiling #spunpile

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