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Soil Investigation

All construction projects require soil investigations. It is carried out to acquire information on the physical qualities of soil and rock surrounding a site in order to design the planned structures' earthworks and foundations. We provide a comprehensive Soil Investigation Services. These services come in a variety of forms and can be tailored to meet the needs of individual consumer.

Rotary Wash Boring (RWB)

Rotary wash boring shall be carried out at locations shown on the drawings or as instructed by the client and shall comprise the formation of a borehole by the rotary action of a drilling bit or casing shoe with cuttings washed to the ground surface by drilling fluid pumped down the drilling bit or casings.

Mackintosh Probe

JKR or Mackintosh probe test is used for preliminary subsurface investigation as a tool to supplement more elaborate soil investigation.


Hand Auger

Hand auger boring shall be carried in accordance with BS 5930: 1999 or similar approved standard at locations on the drawings given by the client or as instructed by the client. The services we provide shall include the usage of the motorized hand auger and the manual hand operated auger.

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